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Bullock Road, Haddon

Peterborough, PE7 3TT
Tel: 01832 280 189

(Directions to Golf Course can be found on their website -


REGISTRATION (Friday 7th September)
Registration will take place in the Club House at ELTON FURZE.
Registration desk open from      7.00am - 11.15am

Team Captains: PLEASE ensure you register with ALL your team present.
Pro shop open from      7.00am

Complimentary Tea/Coffee and “croissants” available on arrival.

Voucher for Lunch for all golfers given on registration.

Due to the large amount of entries, we shall be using a two Tee start. This will benefit the player on two counts - one you will have an hour to enjoy a drink and a bite to eat after playing nine holes before you play your next nine! The starter will provide you with the timings for your second nine holes; and two - we hope to get the field finished earlier so that you can go back to the hotel and be ready for an amazing evening!

Please arrive at least an hour before your tee off to allow time to register and ten minutes with the Starter and time for tutoring on the live scoring iPhone.


Tee Times

1st   Tee        7.30am - 11.00am            Men    Yellow Tees
10th Tee        7.30am - 11.00am            Ladies    Red Tees

NB Should you wish to play the course the day before (6th September) please ring 01832 280614 and book a tee time and let them know you are playing in the Tony Hadley Golf Classic and they will give you special member guest rate of £19.00 per person.



Appropriate golfing attire and golf shoes on course – NO JEANS/TRAINERS.

NO golf/spiked shoes allowed in Clubhouse bar area.



This year, as well as the main golf competition, you will also be competing in The Sponsor’s competition giving your team entry into our own “Ryder Cup” competition on the golf course. This year the actual Ryder Cup is being held in France – hence the theme of the day!

Your team will be playing for either Europe or USA in this competition.

In addition, we are delighted to inform you that once again we will be using a LIVE scoring system using iPhones organised by “Golf Score Live” kindly sponsored by Quai Administration Services.  Full tutorial on use will be given on the day so please ensure you allow enough time prior to your tee off.



The golf competition will be a Four Ball Stableford Team Event with the best 2 scores on each hole determining the team score.

The handicap limit will be 24 for Men and 30 for Ladies and players will receive a stroke allowance of ¾ of their handicap.  However, when completing your confirmation sheet for return to the Organiser, please simply write down your official/normal handicap.   My golf registration team will check your handicap on the day and make any adjustments that are necessary.  If you do not have an official/normal handicap please write 28 for Men and 36 for Ladies and we’ll work things out from there.

Team Captain to enter ALL FOUR GROSS scores after each hole using the pre-programmed iPhone.

A manual Team score card will also be given to you to mark your “Tour De France - Maillot Jaune” (Yellow Jersey ) competition and to use for main competition in case of system/signal failure.  Your manual score card needs to be returned to the Scorer at the end of your round together with the iPhone and your special numbered Maillot Jeune ball.

Scores entered on the iPhone will be used to determine the winner of the main golf competition and also the “Winners” of The Ryder Cup.  Each team playing for the “Winning Team – either Europe or USA” will receive a prize kindly donated by our Sponsors which will be given to the team Captains at the Golf Presentations.  Please note that there will be a “hidden hole” on the course where double points can be achieved which only the Scorer will know.


“RYDER CUP” Competition Rules

1.    Teams playing off 1st Tee will be in “TEAM EUROPE”. Teams playing off 10th Tee will be in “TEAM USA

2.    Each Tee Off time will be playing against the opposing team teeing off at the same time on the other Tee.

3.    Same “scoring” system used as per the Four Ball Stableford Team Event, i.e. best two Stableford points score on each hole makes the team score.

4.    The winner of each match will be the team with the highest Four Ball Stableford Team score.

5.    The winner of the match will win 1pt for its Ryder Cup team.

6.    If the match is drawn then ½ point will be added to each Ryder Cup Team.

7.    If a team has no opposition on the alternative tee, then each Ryder Cup team will receive ½ point

8.    Prizes will be awarded to the teams within the winning Ryder Cup team.

9.    “Greensomes” will be played on Hole 7. All players tee off and then play their second shot from the Best drive. Course Marshall will assist.


“TOUR DE FRANCE “MAILLOT JAUNE” (Yellow Jersey) Competition Rules

1    Tour De France will be a Yellow ball format using a special numbered golf ball relevant to the team being their “maillot jaune”. The team’s 1 yellow ball can only be bought on the team’s first tee - 1st and 10th Tees - at a cost of £10. If a team refuses to pay £10 for their ball it will be a fine of £20 to the charity.

2    Alternate players in same team use the “maillot jaune” numbered ball which will be highlighted on scorecard. For example Player A will use on Hole 1, Player B will use on Hole 2, Player C will use on Hole 3, Player D will use on Hole 4 and so forth.

3    The player using the “maillot jaune” ball uses his handicap Stableford score and will put his points in the highlighted box on the scorecard.

4    If the “maillot jaune” is lost you will NOT be able to replace it. This does not necessarily mean that you have lost this competition as others may have lost their ball earlier than you, so you still have a chance to win.

5    The Team’s “maillot jaune” MUST be returned to the Scorer Only in the clubhouse after your last hole together with your team card, iPhone and the S’echapper de Bastille Card (See below) at the end of your round.

6    If an incorrect numbered “maillot jaune” ball is returned – your team will be disqualified from the “Tour de France” competition.


“S’echapper de Bastille” Card (Escape the Bastille):

1. This card will be given to Team Captain on Registration.

2. The Captain holds this card and once any player in the team encounters any of the following:

(a)Goes into a bunker  (b) Takes an air shot  (c) goes into water (d) out of bounds  (e) or any offence the team deems worthy of a player receiving this card

3. The Player then holds this card until he is able to make his “escape” by passing this card to another player.

4. The player who ends up with this card on last hole must return it to the Scorer with the team card, iPhone and pay the £5 fine to Scorer.


“Argent Pour la Vieille Corde” (Money for Old Rope – Hole 18 - USED ON GREEN ONLY) – This could enhance your game!

1. Each golfer will be able to buy a ‘pot luck’ piece of string for £1 on the 18th Tee.

2. The string can then be used once on the 18th Green.

3. You can use the string anywhere on the 18th green (enables you to move your ball the length of the string without adding a stroke to your score, useful if your putt is less than your piece of string).

4.Fair play will be monitored on this hole.



Each golfer can ONLY purchase the “Entertainment Package” at Registration - Cost is £20 per golfer (all money goes to the Charity)

This will enable you to participate in “Beat the Pro”, Dean Davies, The Champagne Putting Competition, Le Golf Jeux and you will be given 100 Euros (Fun money worth £10) to spend in the “Moulin Rouge” Casino this evening for some great prizes.

Vouchers will be given on purchase to hand in where necessary as proof of entry


Champagne Putting Competition.  Please hand in your Voucher to the representative on the Putting Green. This competition will take place on the practice Putting Green from 8.00am – 4.30pm. A bottle of Champagne will be placed in a hole on the putting green and you will have 6 shots to hit it!  The person who hits it the most wins the Champagne!


“Beat The Pro” (Dean Davies) Please hand in your voucher to the representative on Hole 5. This is your opportunity to Beat the Pro - Your tee shot must be on the green and inside the Pro’s so even if the Pro misses the green and you get on the green you have beaten the Pro!  If you manage to do this, you will be given a winner’s voucher to hand in at hospitality marquee after your 18th hole to receive your prize along with your goody bag!


“Le Golf Jeux”  Please hand in your Voucher to representative on the Chipping Green who will explain the rules.  Open from 8.30am – 4.30pm.



The following 3 holes will present you with a golf challenge.

Hole  5
Beat the Pro (only if you have bought the Entertainment Package)

Hole 13
“The Kell Ryan Trophy” for  “Longest Drive with a Hickory Club” (Refusal will cost you £5)

Hole 15    “Battre le Juge”
”Mashie Golf Challenge will be “Battre le Juge” £5 entry payable on the Hole.

Each winner receives 1 month’s free membership to “The Mashie Members Club” and a £50 clothing credit voucher for use on their website!


Hole 7    “Le Dromadaire”
Greensomes” played on this hole only.  (See Ryder Cup Rules Point 9)

Hole 9
Men’s  “Longest Drive” for the “Jack Powell Trophy

Hole 11  
Ladies “Longest Drive

Hole 14    “L’or Trou”   
“Know your Onions or a Lot of Crepe!”

Hole 16
Nearest the Pin in Two”

Hole 18    “Argent Pour la Vieille Corde”
“Money for Old Rope”



Hole 2
Kia Car! Kindly donated by BOONGATE KIA

Hole 5
Break for 2 people for four nights B&B (in 2017) including golf to 5* La Manga Golf Resort, Spain. Kindly donated by Dean Davies, Flights, transfers, lunch, evening meals and drinks are not included.

Also a Cash Prize on this hole Kindly donated by BOONGATE KIA (Cash amount dependent on yardage)

Hole 12
Cash Prize Kindly donated by BOONGATE KIA (Cash amount dependent on yardage)

Hole 15
Cash Prize Kindly donated by BOONGATE KIA (Cash amount dependent on yardage)



Winning Team

Second Team

Third Team

Fourth Team

Best Dressed Team

Best Individual Golfer

Best Team Name

“Ryder Cup”

Prizes for all teams representing the winning team in The Ryder Cup - kindly donated by our sponsors Quai Administration Services in conjunction with Mashie Golf




If you have been kind enough to sponsor a hole, a banner or banners with company details on will be placed on your sponsored hole in an appropriate place on the hole either near tee or the green. All banners should arrive with appropriate stakes and fixings to allow us to put up banners correctly.  If you have sponsored a hole but do not already have a banner, then please contact one of the following who will be able to help you:


Mick Horton  - Europress Print on 01733 390890 for free quote

Steve Wills    - A4Laserlabels    on 07765 103861 for free quote


With regard to your delivery of banners, please contact Margaret Clark via email or by phone 01733 350951 NO LATER THAN 28th August to arrange for safe delivery/collection of banners by 6th September.  Please confirm the number of your sponsored hole when speaking to Margaret and ensure Banner delivery is marked accordingly. The course will be set up by volunteers the day beforehand and therefore we regret it will not be possible for banners to be put up during the golf day itself.  Please let Margaret know if you would like two banners on your sponsored hole – one on tee and/or one near green.